7 Best ATV Batteries: High-Capacity and Reliable Batteries

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Nothing is more annoying for an ATV enthusiast than being unable to go out and ride due to a dead battery. Fortunately, there’s a huge range of high-quality batteries you can choose from to keep your ATV running and also to extend the life of your ATV’s existing battery.

However, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the right battery for your specific ATV. So, I’ve provided you with this comprehensive guide to help you find the best ATV battery for your needs.

ADX14AH-BS – AGM Replacement Power Sport BatteryBest OverallADX14AH-BS - AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery
Mighty Max Battery ML8-12Budget PickMighty Max Battery ML8-12
Odyssey PC545 Powersports BatteryUpgrade PickOdyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

1. ADX14AH-BS – AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

Our rating: 9 / 10

ADX14AH-BS - AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

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  • Long lasting battery
  • Rigorously tested to meet original equipment specifications
  • Affordable
  • High-Performance AGM
  • Maintenance-free


  • Extend life with house hold maintenance
  • AGM requires balancing before use
  • Remove and inspect every four to five months to watch for corrosion

An AGM, or Absorbent Glass Mat, is about 99% free of acid and liquid electrolytes, allowing it to work in very low or freezing temperatures, and be topped up with inexpensive water rather than expensive acid. It lasts well, and can be recharged quickly and easily. All in all, the best ATV battery you can buy.

The AGM style batteries need very little maintenance. As with most batteries it is good practice to keep them as clean as possible, wiping off any grime.

With ATV batteries you should recharge them at least every three to four weeks, especially in cold weather. Inflating them once a month is also a good way to ensure they are always ready to go.

2. ExpertPower YTX7A-BS 12v7ah lead_acid_battery

Our rating: 8 / 10

ExpertPower YTX7A-BS 12v7ah lead_acid_battery

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  • Great bang for the buck
  • Easy to mount
  • Bargain
  • Pack of two batteries


  • Short battery life
  • Can’t be sealed for maintenance-free use

The ExpertPower YTX7A-BS is a set of two 7-Ah batteries. Solid lead-acid batteries are reliable in extreme conditions like at high or low temperatures without recharge. They don't have the ability of being sealed and must be periodically maintained to prevent capacity loss.

The ExpertPower YTX7A-BS is basically a good choice for emergency use in ATVs. It is manufactured exclusively for the 12V systems. The ExpertPower YTX7A-BS includes two batteries that can be used separately or in combination for a total of 14 Volts.

This battery set is ideal for powering some of the more common ATVs with the carbureted engines like Yamaha Grizzly or Banshee 350.

3. Mighty Max Battery ML8-12

Our rating: 8 / 10

Mighty Max Battery ML8-12

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  • Reliable and durable with high-quality materials
  • Goes through rigorous quality tests before shipping
  • No sulfation, overcharging, or memory effect
  • Additional one-year warranty

When the battery of your beloved ATV performer starts to give up, just go for Mighty Max ML8-12 and give your machine a mid-life recharge. The model is a heavy-duty 12V 8AH replacement for GT12080-HG battery. It is a dual terminal, maintenance-free battery and features heavy-duty construction. With the Mighty Max Battery you get a free one-year warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

You can use this model to power Toro mowers GT12080-HG. The item is made by a company that takes pride in the products it produces. The ATV Boat Battery undergoes a three-dimensional accuracy test, high-temperature performance test, and vibration resistance test. Thus, you get a quality product that lasts long.

Despite its high price-tag, the Mighty Max Battery is a totally safe option. The battery has no sulphation, memory effect, or overcharging. It features a carbon-lined inner case to prevent any leakages.

4. Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

Our rating: 8 / 10

Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

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  • More CCA than competition
  • 45-second quick charge
  • 10-year vibration resistance
  • 18-month replacement warranty


  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • Extreme temperature sensitivity
  • Non-spillable construction
  • Strong plastic smell during initial charging

The Odyssey PC545 powersports battery is one of the best ATV batteries on the market, taking into consideration both price and performance. It comes packed with impressive features such as additional durability through the use of high-grade ABS plastic, a non-spillable construction, no-spill battery terminal design, and even a 1-year free replacement warranty.

Capacity wise, Odyssey’s PC545 powers 20-minutes longer than the competition, while quick-charging in under 45 seconds. The quick charge feature is ideal for batteries that offer low power output. On average, you can expect to receive 45 minutes of run time, but when max output is needed, you can crank up the throttle and expect to see a full charge within 5 minutes.

5. Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

Our rating: 8 / 10

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

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  • Affordable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Great for nearly all ATVs

This battery checks all the boxes with a convenient price tag. It’s a good battery and is light. It holds a low voltage for long periods, but that can be easily solved by using a voltage stabilizer. The Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS is one of the leading Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries on the market for an affordable price. This means that it can hold up to 70% more charge than a traditional battery.

It’s a great battery for ATVs, motorcycles, and scooters. It holds a charge for a long time. It supports charge cycles without loss of performance. The battery is relatively light, and it stays relatively cool during charging. It has a 6-month warranty and is relatively light.

The Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS is designed to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications for the Yuasa YTX20L-BS. It is maintenance-free, and it provides excellent cranking power.

6. ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

Our rating: 8 / 10

ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

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  • Heavy Duty
  • 7 Amp Hour Capacity
  • Flame Retardant
  • Recyclable, which makes it eco-friendly
  • Can be safely recharged up to 1,000 times
  • Very affordable


  • Not compatible with all ATVs, so be sure to purchase the unit for your make and model
  • Needs six to eight hours to recharge

ExpertPower is a line of top-quality traction batteries designed and manufactured in South Korea. Each battery is made from Premium AGM Lead Acid battery cells to make them energy dense and resistant to vibration and heat. This means that the ExpertPower battery will last longer under heavy loads and in high-temperature environment.

The ExpertPower battery is also much safer than a lithium battery. It can be recharged up to 1,000 times and be discharged up to 800 times. ExpertPower encompasses the best features of sealed and unsealed lead acid batteries, making it a hybrid battery that combines the best features of both sealed and unsealed batteries providing more flexibility and convenience.

All ExpertPower batteries are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which differentiates them from other sealed lead acid batteries. Also, a convenient storage compartment for a battery connector and the mounting brackets allows the user very easy installation.

7. UPG UBCD5745 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Our rating: 7 / 10

UPG UBCD5745 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

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  • Safe and reliable
  • Heavy-duty battery for rough terrain
  • Side battery terminals for easy connection and installation
  • Innovative venting system for fast discharge and re-charge
  • Sealed and spill-proof cells


  • No mounting options
  • A bit expensive

The UPG UBCD5745 is a standard-sized marine battery with AGM technology that can work in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degrees. The batteries are fully sealed and spill-proof and makes them great for ATVs and RVs. These batteries offer a large reserve capacity, and they can easily handle power-hungry machines such as lights, radios, winches, and any other accessories that may be on your vehicle.

With a CCA of 525 and a reserve capacity of 24 minutes, this battery can easily start the most powerful vehicle in your garage. It comes with durable UBCD5745 side terminals that make it easy to connect the wires on the batteries. It also comes with a venting system that lets out gases produced when the battery is being charged. This makes the battery give out its full capacity. It is absolutely safe and reliable when you choose the UPG UBCD5745.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best battery for ATV?

Maintaining a good battery for your ATV has a lot of importance when it comes to the safety of the car and its endurance. The ideal battery for your ATV must be capable of giving it the necessary power it requires without causing unsafe conditions or causing any damage to the engine of your car.

The market is flooded with a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best battery for your ATV. The ongoing debate between buyers is between the use of a conventional lead-acid type of batteries and the more recent lithium-ion type of batteries. This chapter will provide you with the necessary tips for picking the best battery for your machine.

What is the best ATV battery for cold weather?

This is a big question, isn't it? It could be asked because you plan on heading out of town and you aren't sure if your batteries will function correctly in cold weather. Or, you might be asking about your current battery in the hopes of changing it out for a better battery.

No matter how big or small the question, the answer is the same. A battery can't be effectively evaluated without considering both the short and long term specs.

Conditions in which we are concerned about cold weather performance are going to be the opposite of performance conditions in which we are concerned about hot weather performance. And the same general rule applies no matter what causes the difference in temperature… If cold weather is your problem, heat is your enemy.

What is the highest cranking amp battery?

If a battery is very high in cranking amps, you can safely go to a smaller group size, or increase the battery size without the risk of any problems with your electrical system.

A good example of this is in winch batteries. People used to have to use the largest and most industrial 12-volt batteries available to run off-road winches. Today, with the advent of very high-capacity dual-purpose batteries, they’re able to get by using just dual-purpose batteries.

Remember that cranking amps are the peak amps in the very first seconds. After a second or two, your alternator starts to recharge the battery as it would normally. So cranking amps isn’t an indicator of the amount of power the battery can supply over a period of time, rather the peak power it can supply over a very short time.

Are all ATV batteries the same?

All batteries are in a sense the same. Popular batteries like Trojan, Johnson Controls, and East Penn make water-based, and often lead-calcium, technologies that were originally created in the 1970s. They designed all their technologies with mechanized equipment so that the batteries would be easy to handle and sell. The problem with these batteries is that they don't all perform equally well in real-world use.

One of the best tests to determine how a battery will perform is to burn the battery down. When batteries are sold, their batteries are usually at a greater than 80% charge. If you put them to the test and discharge them to zero, you'll likely see huge differences in descent rates for different brands.


Are you searching for the best ATV batteries that perform well and deliver powerful performance? Here we have selected top 5 best ATV batteries for money. You won’t have to worry about any issues with these batteries because they have a high-performance level and are very long-lasting. Read on to know more about these batteries and make your choice.

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ADX14AH-BS – AGM Replacement Power Sport BatteryBest OverallADX14AH-BS - AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery
Mighty Max Battery ML8-12Budget PickMighty Max Battery ML8-12
Odyssey PC545 Powersports BatteryUpgrade PickOdyssey PC545 Powersports Battery