10 Best Carb Cleaners of 2022

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If you’re a car or bicycle owner who doesn’t enjoy performing basic routine maintenance tasks, that’s fine.

Try to identify the aspects of your vehicle that you dread the most and you’ll probably find that it’s the dreaded carburetor cleaning task.

It’s one of the most frustrating and annoying procedures for anyone with carburettor engines.

There is no easy way to clean a carburetor and there’s no shortcut that will save you the time and the effort. However, there is an easier way to keep your carburetors clean, safe, and running their best.

That’s where this guide comes in. I’ve done all the hard research for you. Whether you’re trying to find the best commercial carburetor cleaner or you’re just trying to find the easiest cleaning method around, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in here.

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Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke CleanerBest OverallGumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner
CRC Carb and Choke CleanerBudget PickCRC Carb and Choke Cleaner
Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip CarburetorUpgrade PickBerryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor

1. Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner

Our rating: 9 / 10

Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner

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  • Available in 13 different sizes
  • Great Feedback
  • Works well


  • Too many chemicals
  • Not good if accuracy is important

Being one of the most popular brands in the industry, Gumout is a name you can trust. A highly rated carb cleaner, this product is an amazing starter kit that’s just what you need for your car.

Gumout carb and choke cleaner is versatile enough to clean carburetors, choke valves, throttle and air filters. It can also be used to dissolve gum, varnish, and sticky residues. Will also clean gas tanks and fuel lines, and is safe for use with plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and painted surfaces.

This kit includes one can of cleaner and one brush. The cleaner is a great pick, and it is reasonably priced for the great performance you’ll get out of it. It’s also available in a number of sizes to suit your needs.

2. Gunk M4815NC Non-Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner

Our rating: 9 / 10

Gunk M4815NC Non-Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner

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  • Powerful formula
  • Fast acting and dependable
  • Dissolves gum
  • Affordable and effective


  • Strong chemical smell
  • Somewhat flammable

Hands down, if I had to choose one carb cleaner to use for the rest of my life, it would be this Gunk cleaner. This non-chlorinated formula dissolves gum and other varnishes while removing any dirt or debris with ease.

Much like other leading fuel system cleaners, it effectively stops the varnish buildup in your gas tank and pipes, preventing corrosion and irritation. It has a strong formula that works in both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Its ingredients are safe for almost all plastics and metal parts, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your car. With that said, the Gunk carb cleaner is flammable once it’s been sprayed into an area.

3. Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor

Our rating: 9 / 10

Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor

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  • 5-pound can of cleaner
  • Safe to use in personal automobile, snowmobile, motorcycle, and marine vehicle engines
  • The can is easy to store and carry around
  • The cleaner has a pleasant smell


  • It is a little messy
  • Has a tendency to stain clothes
  • It is a little harsh on plastics

As the name suggests, the Berryman 0996 chem-dip carburetor and choke cleaner offers fast, effective, and convenient cleaning of your carburetor, choke, and choke manifold. The product is non-flammable, however, you need to keep it away from direct heat, and remember to tighten the cap properly once the use is over. With that said, let’s go through the details of the product so that you can understand what this carb cleaner can do for you and if it is a right purchase for you.


Safe to use: The carb cleaner has a variety of applications. You can use this product on your: air-motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, and personal car. You need to pay attention to the manufacturer manual to ensure whether the product is suitable to use in your specific engine.

4. Berryman 113 Carburetor and Choke Cleaner

Our rating: 9 / 10

Berryman 113 Carburetor and Choke Cleaner

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  • Proven formula
  • Strong fumes
  • Available in 12 oz. as well for smaller engines

This product works well with my lawn mower and bike's carburetor. It is not magic, just good old fashion hard work.

It is the best carb cleaner I have ever used, and I tried plenty of them. I have a 50cc 4 stroke mower with an automatic choke and a hand choke and carburetor. This cleaner works great. I use the 12 oz. cans.

Make sure when you spray it in your carb, to hold the gas (petrol) pedal down. I have used it on my lawn mower, a rototiller, weed whacker, and chainsaw (although not gas engine).

5. CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner

Our rating: 9 / 10

CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner

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  • Great for clearing clogged carburetors and intakes
  • Cleans both 4-cycle and 2-cycle motors
  • Cleans wet, dry, and slightly dirty carbs


  • Not meant for cleaning carburetors through fuel tanks
  • Can damage plastic and rubber gaskets when stored

Carb cleaner is usually the go-to for removing debris from intakes and carburetors. However, it can also help clean other parts of the engine including the valves, piston rings, and crankcase.

If you are someone who takes a pretty regular number of long trips, then you know how ingests this debris build up before, and you know that it’s not a good thing.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of riding on these long trips then you will want to make sure that you have the best engine cleaner possible to keep your bike running more efficiently during the entire thing.

6. Berkebile Oil 2 + 2 B101 Instant Gum Cutter

Our rating: 8 / 10

Berkebile Oil 2 + 2 B101 Instant Gum Cutter

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  • Affordable
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Fast results


  • The consistency is kind of watery
  • A bit flammable
  • Isn't as effective in thinner oil

Slightly less flammable than 91-octane gasoline, the Berkebile B101 Instant Gum Cutter is a gasoline-based solvent and lubricant that’s supposed to help get gum and sludge out of carburetors.

It’s 3-in-1 formula supposedly dissolves gum, old fuel and dirt, and cleans carbs to remove build-up, making it an ideal choice for your safety if you’re working with an old carburetor.

Still, it’s not quite as flexible as other products on our list. It’s also not really designed to handle sludge and mud. If you have a vintage bike, that’s probably going to be a problem for you.

7. Gunk M4814/6 Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner

Our rating: 8 / 10

Gunk M4814/6 Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner

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  • Includes free parts picker
  • Keeps carburetor parts clean and free of buildup
  • Specially formulated for cleaning carbs.

The best carb cleaner is the Gunk M4814/6. This product is specially formulated to clean carburetors, the most difficult part of your vehicle to clean.

Though it’s not suitable for cleaning gas tanks, it is perfect for keeping the carb well-cleaned and free of buildup. In addition, the cleaner can also be used to clean the engine, the transmission, the distributor, and the cooling system as well.

This carburetor cleaner is a mix of biodegradable solvents and discourage rust and scaling. It’s used as a degreaser, and can be used in degreasing mixtures.

8. Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 Carburetor Tune-Up Cleaner

Our rating: 8 / 10

Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 Carburetor Tune-Up Cleaner

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  • Ford Factory recommended cleaner
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Treats up to 4 carburetors per can
  • Quick and easy to use, no disassembly required
  • Great reviews


  • With some can types it may not spray properly
  • It can cause corrosion with some types of gas tanks
  • Some online reviews say it doesn't clean after a while of use

The Ford PM-2 Carburetor Tune-Up Cleaner is a concentrate specifically made to clean the carburetor of Ford vehicles. It is designed to dissolve carbon and varnish deposits that inhibit the fuel flow in the carburetor. It comes in an aerosol can and is made in the USA.

This carb cleaner is great for cleaning your carburetor because it doesn't require you to take out any parts and put them back in. There's no need to disassemble anything, you just spray and then run the engine until it is dry.

This cleaner can also be used to clean Stove-Top grills and propane tanks, it just isn't safe to directly spray the tank (unless you want to dissolve the tank). This cleaner is also effective on gasoline engines and ethanol storage tanks as it will dissolve any varnishes, gum, and carbon build-ups.

9. Briggs & Stratton 100042 Carburetor or Choke Cleaner

Our rating: 8 / 10

Briggs & Stratton 100042 Carburetor or Choke Cleaner

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  • Easy to use
  • Made by a reliable brand

If you’re a car person you know how crucial carburetors are for all kinds of vehicles. Cleaning and tuning them on a regular basis ensures that they can perform at their best.

The Briggs & Stratton Carburetor or Choke Cleaner offers superior products to keep your carburetor or choke in top performing condition. This formula works wonders without causing any harm to our environment. It contains neither caustic nor flammable ingredients and has a pleasant odor.

The 16-ounce spray bottle is made of a clear plastic so you can easily identify the remaining product. You can use it to clear clogged jets, passageways, and mixer chambers of any residue or obstructions. Your carburetor will function like a brand new one.

10. Yamalube Carburetor Cleaner Dip 32 oz.

Our rating: 6 / 10

Yamalube Carburetor Cleaner Dip 32 oz.

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  • Ready to Use
  • No mixing
  • Orange color lets you know when it’s done working
  • Simple to use
  • Dissolves gum
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Non-toxic


  • Needs to be stirred before each use
  • Not effective on extremely dirty engines
  • Can rust some metal parts

This product from Yamalube is easily one of the most versatile and effective carburetor cleaners on the market. It’s a dip that can be used full strength over the course of a day and lets you know when it is done working by turning from orange to purple.

It dissolves gum, varnish, dirt, and even plastic and rubber accumulated on your carburetors which can lead to spillage, low compression, and improper fuel mixtures. It’s also completely biodegradable and can be easily washed off of you engine when it’s done.

This product was designed to completely dissolve any carbon deposits from your engine too. This is accomplished by using an aliphatic hydrocarbon in it, which can also be found naturally occurring in your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which carburetor cleaner is the best?

Bumselectric Carburetor Cleaner is the ideal cleaner for all bottles and tanks. It can be used to clean all of the following:

  • Carburetor tanks
  • Spark plug tubes and spark plugs
  • Pipes
  • Smoke pots
  • Butane tanks

It's also easy to use and can be used with a variety of systems.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that different regions have different regulations and restrictions on products like these. For example, in the EU and throughout much of Europe, this product is considered an E-Pesticide and cannot be shipped.

With that said, if you're located in the US and you're looking for a great cleaner, this is the one for you. We've used it for years and it's always worked for us wonderfully.

Can you use wd40 as carb cleaner?

WD 40 or a trusty degreaser like PB Blaster will be just fine at getting rid of the factory gunk build-up from newly made tanks. A lot of the time these are a hybrid of polymers and softeners. Once in a while, a tank might have some plasticizers, which you'll want put through the dishwasher or scrub down.

To answer your question about using wd40 as carb cleaner, it will get the job done as long as it's not some kind of hard-to-clean goo that is in the tank. If it is, then I would scrape it off with a putty knife and use a degreaser like PB Blaster.

For future reference, I've tried and recommend using PB Blaster. It was created for this exact purpose, and it has worked for me every time.

What is the best carb cleaner for motorcycles?

For many bikers, the cleaning of the carburetor is more important then other parts. This is because these are susceptible to more space than other parts of the motorcycle. Apart from that, they can also perform the most critical function inside an engine. Cleaning a carburetor is simply straight forward once an owner knows how to do it. Here are some of the absolute best carb cleaners for motorcycles.

This is a carburetor cleaning kit containing the jet kit and the air filter. It is an absolutely outstanding product, which will help in the cleaning process. This cleaner contains a long nozzle tube that can be used in many ways with all sizes of the cans. It can also be carried on a belt, so that you can easily reach it. Furthermore, the tool also has a cover that can be used to protect it from water. It has a 1 year warranty.

What can I spray in carburetor?

You should clean your carb on a regular basis; there is no magic in carb cleaner that will fix your problem. In fact, carb cleaners are quite harsh; just a little bit can go a long way.

The best thing to spray into your carburetor is a product known as Sea Foam. Sea Foam is a natural product is made from a substance called hydro-processed soy bean oil. It’s extremely safe; it is used as a food source for marine animals. It’s also safe for you too.

Sea Foam is a great all-purpose cleaner that you can use to clean out your carburetor. It’s also convenient for those of you who drive older vehicles that take too much time to start, and so you should spray some into your carb to clear out the build-up of sludge.


A carburetor is an internal combustion engine component used in most vehicles. It’s what mixes air and fuel and puts out a clean and consistent burn that will also match the engine speed (RPM). When a carburetor is clogged, misfiring occurs, and it will result in reducing power, some loss of fuel efficiency, and you may begin to notice a bit of smoky exhaust.

Our Recommendation

Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke CleanerBest OverallGumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner
CRC Carb and Choke CleanerBudget PickCRC Carb and Choke Cleaner
Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip CarburetorUpgrade PickBerryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor