The 7 Best Glasspack Mufflers of 2022

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The glasspack muffler was invented in the 1930s and it has been in continuous production ever since.

It’s a relatively simple device that can be used with standard car engines, but it was originally designed for two-stroke motorbikes and has been popular ever since.

These are the best glasspack mufflers for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack MufflerBest OverallCherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler
Thrush 24214 Glass Pack MufflerBudget PickThrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler
Jones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack MufflerUpgrade PickJones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack Muffler

1. Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

Our rating: 9 / 10

Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

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  • Clamps are included
  • Burly and Solid

The Cherry Bomb 87522 is the best glasspack muffler for a few key reasons. It’s constructed with a premium grade stainless steel. The muffler’s diameter clamps down with an incredible pressure of 300 lbs. Which means these mufflers are burly and will hold on to your exhaust pipe no matter how hard you ride.

The Cherry Bomb muffler also has a great sound. It’s not loud but it’s just aggressive enough to hear when you’re cruising around. The Cherry Bomb only weight around 8 oz. So it’s not too heavy either.

2. Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler

Our rating: 9 / 10

Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler

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The Thrush – 24214 Glasspack Mufflers are made by a trusted brand with a stellar reputation for building great parts. Thrush is consistently rated among the best muffler brands in the industry. Their mufflers are for newer cars, come with a lifetime warranty, and are easy to mount.

These Thrush glasspack mufflers are made to give you a throaty exhaust tone that maintains your CV-type exhausts design specs. They come with extended tailpipes and a mounting bracket made of E-coat steel and chrome plated. You will need the retrofit glass pack muffler system kit. These mufflers are for non-cats, so you will need to order the right kits based on your vehicle specifications.

These mufflers may need a new crossover pipe for installing them. Unless you know how to weld and fabricate exhaust systems, it's best to have a professional do it for you, especially if you aren’t comfortable working on your own car. But if you li

3. Thrush 24205 Glass Pack Muffler

Our rating: 8 / 10

Thrush 24205 Glass Pack Muffler

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  • Suitable for bikes, generators, marine engines, and DIY
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good customer service
  • Excellent choice for the price

Whether you’re wanting to replace an existing muffler, build a custom exhaust system, or you’re working on a vintage project car, the Thrush 24205 glass pack muffler is sure to do the trick.

The Thrush 24205 is constructed from marine-grade stainless steel, which means it’s resistant to rusting or corrosion even around salt water and in humid conditions. The glass pack muffler is also built with a removable and replaceable stainless steel core.

The Thrush 24205 Glasspack Muffler is specifically designed for Harley-Davidson engines with headers and is available in three different sizes – model 8M acts as a slip joint that connects between the headers and the muffler, model 9M acts as a slip joint that links the muffler to the standard exhaust pipe, and model 3M acts as the standard glasspack connection.

4. AP Exhaust 351211S Glasspack Muffler

Our rating: 8 / 10

AP Exhaust 351211S Glasspack Muffler

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  • Easy-to-mount
  • Easy-to-install
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Not liable to rust


  • Material gets easily damaged
  • May not be the sturdiest option

The AP Exhaust 351211S Glasspack Muffler is a simple muffler that does its job without any extra bulk.

The lightweight metal glasspack is easy to mount on your car and is also very suitable for high performance engines.

The muffler fits easily into any standard exhaust pipe and gives the best sound effects with minimal noise pollution.

5. Walker 24453 Resonator

Our rating: 8 / 10

Walker 24453 Resonator

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  • Well-built
  • Consistent sound throughout the RPM range
  • Fits most exhaust systems
  • Easy to install
  • Still quiets down when drivers wants it
  • Top-quality materials

The Walker 24453 is a high-quality, five inches resonator muffler which works perfectly with stock vehicles that have exhaust systems.

It is a high quality product that produces the rich, throaty sound that owners love. The quality material is also able to resist high temperatures and hence won’t crack or break even when exposed to extreme heat.

The Walker is a lightweight muffler which is easy to use. It can be installed by anybody with time and can be taken off just as easily.

6. Jones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack Muffler

Our rating: 7 / 10

Jones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack Muffler

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  • Easy Installation
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Several Sizes Available
  • Glasspack Muffler Only
  • Quality Materials
  • Comes With Free Warranty


  • Clamps and Porcelain Hit
  • Not Great For Performance
  • Air Leakage

The Jones Exhaust A3518s5 is my top pick as it offers improved performance, with a custom made sound and quality materials.

The Jones muffler has a flawless finish on it. The amazing thing about this muffler is that it will make your exhaust sound the way that you want it to sound. No more hearing that truck from a mile away coming towards you as quiet as can be gets you home safe at night.

The installation process is amazingly simple, as it’s a bolt-on system. You will receive all the clamps and hardware necessary to make the installation quick. . You will need welding skills to install this product, as you’re going to be connecting the muffler tailpipe to the original location of your tailpipe.

7. Flowtech Muffler

Our rating: 6 / 10

Flowtech Muffler

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  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Resonator-less exhaust allows for a more powerful sound
  • Can be used for both street and strip use
  • Only 2.5” wide


  • Not able to be used with a H Pipe
  • Made of steel, so it is a very heavy muffler
  • Must be welded in

The 2.5” glasspack muffler from Flowtech is my top pick for a glasspack muffler kit as it offers the most bang for the buck and offers the highest sound output for glasspack mufflers.

Make no mistake about it though, this is no bargain basement muffler. Glasspacks aren’t known for their sound quality, and Flowtech’s glasspack exhausts are no exception.

In fact, if you’re looking to build a classic hot rod and want to listen to mellow rumble as you tackle cruisers on the back roads, you’d be better off spending your hard-earned cash on an axle-back exhaust or a milder performance muffler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best glass pack mufflers?

We’ve compared the top names in glass pack mufflers to find the best.

What is the loudest glasspack muffler?

If you're looking for the absolute loudest glasspack muffler, look no further than the Stinger street series. It is definitely the loudest glasspack muffler on this list, and just barely edges out the Flo Pro Q.

However, if you're looking for the best glasspack muffler instead, we have to recommend the Flo Pro Q. It doesn't have the highest flow, but it produces a sound that is the most like a true muscle car. It's a deep and loud sound that you can't get from any other glasspack muffler on this list. It's the embodiment of the for a glasspack muffler.

What does a glasspack do for exhaust?

A glasspack muffler has a lot in common with an ordinary straight-through muffler on your car. It is designed to efficiently reduce the noise of the exhaust. This is accomplished by placing a series of straight baffles within the muffler which makes the blast from the exhaust quieter.

Glasspacks don't actually contain any glass, though. They simply get their name from the glass-like appearance of the packing in the muffler. Inside, you will find metal baffles that are easily susceptible to rust if allowed to get wet. Yet, by modifying the outside length and the inside packing, you can either reduce the noise levels further or tone down the highs to create a more relaxed sound.

Does a glasspack muffler add horsepower?

You may have noticed that the little stock muffler on your car is nothing like the sound produced by some of the muscle cars you hear as you’re driving down the street. The difference between those stock mufflers and the glasspack lies in how much horsepower they’re able to produce. Glasspacks are designed to provide engine maximum performance due to their efficient design. They’re able to provide a crisp sound thanks to boosted horsepower, making these high-performance systems the perfect choice when you’re in a high-performance vehicle.

Overall, glasspacks reduce emissions, improve the efficiency and perform better on a variety of vehicles than the stock mufflers. This is why you’ll find glasspacks in many modern performance vehicles that require a more powerful performance than the factory mufflers can provide.


For our buyer’s guide, we have done a lot of legwork to review the top 10 muffler systems, leading us to realize that most of the products we found do not differ that much in terms of quality. As such, we have listed the best-selling models. If you want to find the best glasspack, you can easily do that with the help of our guide.

Our overall aim was to present a precise overview of these items, helping you make an educated decision when buying. Read on to find our main choices along with a detailed comparison of the models to help you save time and effort.

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Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack MufflerBest OverallCherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler
Thrush 24214 Glass Pack MufflerBudget PickThrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler
Jones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack MufflerUpgrade PickJones Exhaust A3518s5 Glasspack Muffler