5 Best Wideband Gauges of 2022

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Getting the best wideband air/fuel ratio gauge for your vehicle can help you take your engine performance to the next level and ensure your car is firing on all cylinders. So, why not get the best one with a wideband readout instead of just an expensive one!

The best wideband gauge will give you a vital piece of information about how well your engine is running and enable you to make adjustments to the engine and emissions (if required) to extract the maximum performance possible.

Read below to find the best wideband gauges & monitors of 2022.

Auto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit,2.3125 in.Best OverallAuto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit,2.3125 in.
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AEM 2 Gauge Display SetUpgrade PickAEM 2 Gauge Display Set

1. Auto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit,2.3125 in.

Our rating: 9 / 10

Auto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit,2.3125 in.

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H x 4.375 in.W x 6.375 in.D (A4WS-U)

The Auto Meter Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit comes with a fitting hardware kit. The kit for this gauge comes with pre-attached air and fuel sensors, which makes it possible for you to install the gauge much quicker.

2. AEM 30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge

Our rating: 9 / 10

AEM 30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge

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  • Excellent display
  • Highly accurate and reliable sensors
  • Color-coded gauge lights show sensors condition
  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly manual


  • Expensive
  • Not suited for custom fabrication

The AEM® (Advanced Engine Management) Wideband Mechanical Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Controller Gauge Kit is an excellent instrument for all types of vehicles, from street to race vehicles. It features a digital display with a highly accurate and very reliable 30-0300 Air/Fuel ratio sensor. Changing the sensor from wideband to narrowband is an easy process, which can be done in under a minute. The optional probe for the standard narrowband sensor is also very easy to install. You can even monitor up to 6 sensors at the same time.

The backlighting of the digital display is vivid red and glows when the ignition is turned on. This is to help you monitor your vehicle under dark conditions. The AEM® 30-0300 Air/Fuel Ratio controller is a great combination of advanced digital precision with functionality that can be installed in a matter of minutes, and its display is a thing of true beauty.

3. AEM 2 Gauge Display Set

Our rating: 8 / 10

AEM 2 Gauge Display Set

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  • Wide range of uses
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple configurations
  • Top-notch customer service


  • Setting up the boost gauge can be a bit tricky
  • Gauges are quite expensive

Not all cars need to be modified just to run the stock turbo. Determining if the modification will be a good fit requires an advanced modification like the AEM 2 Gauge Display.

This product not only includes a wideband O2 sensor, it also includes a boost pressure gauge. The display has a sleek look to fit the interior of the vehicle and has a range of settings for displaying data. The AEM 2 Gauge Display comes with either a single or a duel display option for customization.

This display is equipped with a UEGO 2.4 wideband sensor that accurately monitors the air-fuel ratio. The sensor's easy installation makes it a great addition to any vehicle.

4. AEM

Our rating: 7 / 10


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  • Easy to install
  • Easy to read at a glance
  • Advanced sensor

(with Pre-Calibrated AFR Wideband Oxygen Sensor)

If you’re looking for a gauge that you can quickly look at and get a good idea of your fuel mixture at that exact moment, the AEM UEGO is the way to go. Their advanced sensor gives you awesome readings at all times, with accurate readings. The included Auto Meter hood is also very attractive.

It also comes with a gauge pod that can mount below an A-pillar or in the center console. It’s a little expensive, but you are also getting a product that’s 100% accurate at all times.

5. Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge

Our rating: 7 / 10

Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge

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  • Wideband gauge kit
  • Excellent customer service
  • Threaded mounting option
  • 4 oxygen sensor ports
  • Available in different colors
  • Minimal vacuum tubing
  • Comes with all hardware for installation

The Innovate Motorsports gauges are well-known for their accuracy and wireless capabilities. If you have a late-model vehicle with an OBD-2 port, this is the right gauge for you.

The MTX-L Plus has a large 52mm full-color LCD screen with multiple vehicle functions such as time, barometric pressure, digital speedometer, and engine RPM. It also comes with 4 oxygen sensor ports and 3 angle-mount/thread-mount options.

What’s my favorite thing about the MTX-L Plus is how easy it is to install. The gauge itself comes with all the hardware so you don’t need to buy any extras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best wideband gauge?

For us, the best wide band gauges are the XGauge X465 and the Sunnex ME906. While they are quite different, they are both great products and have set the standard for all wideband gauges that have come after them.

The Sunnex ME906 is a very simple device that can be read without a full understanding of what some of the values mean. It requires significantly less work to properly set up than most wideband gauges.

The XGauge X465 is an extremely durable product with massive aftermarket support. This can’t be a bad thing for those concerned about durability and longevity.

What does a wideband gauge read?

A wideband oxygen sensor sends information to the car’s computer or ECU (engine control unit) in real time. While a narrow-band sensor sends information once every thirty seconds, an O2 sensor sends information 200 times per second. This real-time information gives you an idea of when there is a problem in the exhaust of the car giving you feedback on how hard you can hit the accelerator. The faster your engine is running, the higher your wideband gauge will read. Once you hit ‘WOT’ or wide open throttle, it will then flash in red because the level of oxygen in your exhaust is dangerously low.

Do I need a wideband gauge?

If you are going to turbo-charge a car to race down the quarter mile track, you can use every extra bit of power you can get. With a bolt-on turbocharger, you can boost your horsepower beyond the factory limits.

A wideband O2 sensor gives you the ability to see the engine’s exhaust gases, which is useful since the readings can warn you of any impending engine damage by oxidization or detonation before it gets too serious.

If you want to squeeze out every last bit of power from your engine, you’re definitely going to want to monitor your wideband O2 sensor’s readings.

However, you don’t have to use a wideband O2 sensor. If you don’t want to bother with this, then you can opt to just use a race gas gauge instead.

What's the difference between wideband and narrowband air/fuel gauges?

Narrowband air/fuel gauges (they're called "narrowbands" for short) are used for EFI vehicles with standalone engine management computers. These vehicles have no traditional oxygen sensor to adjust fuel injector pulsewidths so narrowband gauges are necessary. As the name implies, narrowband gauges provide an accurate air/fuel ratio reading at a narrow band of fuel rich values normally between 12.5:1 and 14.7:1 (AFR) with a 14.7:1 "middle ground" detent. Most street vehicles are setup to run between a 14.7:1 and 16.5:1 AFR, with a 15.5:1 "middle ground" detent. Some motor sports vehicles are setup even richer at 17:1 or richer (AFR), but this is quite unusual.


A wideband air/fuel ratio gauge is essential for any car enthusiast who is concerned with obtaining his/her maximum performance from their car. The best wideband air/fuel ratio gauges provide feedback that can be used to aid vehicle tuning, as well as offer clear information on the available tuning ranges that the driver can accommodate without damaging their engine.The ability to see how the air/fuel ratio is changing over the rev range, even during short windows such as shifting, can provide valuable insight which helps tune the car. In addition, when integrating a wide-band gauge into an existing car monitoring system, the use of a wideband element which is calibrated to one of the industry standard air/fuel ratio ranges such as AF1.

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Auto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit,2.3125 in.Best OverallAuto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit,2.3125 in.
AEMBudget PickAEM
AEM 2 Gauge Display SetUpgrade PickAEM 2 Gauge Display Set