Car Door Won’t Open From Inside Or Outside (Common Causes & Solutions)

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My car door won’t open from either the inside of the car or from the outside.

Car doors can be a pain. When they don’t work properly, people tend to start to panic and look for a solution. Don’t worry. There are many simple solutions. And the most common one is related to the way the door opens.

When the door works, there should be a button that you push up, to open the door. But if it’s not opening from the inside, there is often another way to get the door open.

The easiest is to go to the outside of the car, outside of the car, and there should be a handle or lever. Pull up on that to open your door.

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If the door won’t open from outside the car, it’s time to take a different approach. There’s no shame in calling a locksmith if you’re unsure about how to open the door. But there is shame in hitting your head against a wall.


Sometimes, things happen that sneak up on you. A door may lock itself. Or something may occur that needs your immediate attention. You may be simply pulling up to your car in the parking lot, and the door won’t open from inside or outside.

The most likely causes are a mechanical failure of the locking or unlocking mechanism or a problem with the electronic sensing system. Before you jump to conclusions, however, you may want to go through the following troubleshooting tips.

Electronic door lock problems: Most problems with electronic door locks are due to the lock control module. You may have accidentally bumped the car door or hit the lock button while the door was still open. The problem could also be an electrical issue with the module.

“Handles jammed inside the door” Usually, this is a symptom of a mechanical problem, especially if it’s only on one door. If the problem is your entry handle, the place to start is with the lockset/lock control module. If the problem is the inside door handle, then the problem is more likely mechanical.

Mechanical failures: Sometimes, a damaged or broken cable may prevent the door from opening or locking. You can also check that there are no obstructions in the door. If you have a multi-leaf door, ensure that the locking pins are aligned properly and all interlocks are working properly.