8 Causes Car Losing Power When Accelerating & Solutions

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Common Causes of Car Losing Power When Accelerating

Any interruption in the air flow to your engine will diminish its performance until correction is made. In order for your car to perform to its highest potential, it is important to understand exactly what is causing it to lack its normal level of acceleration. If you are concerned with power loss when accelerating your vehicle, there are eight common causes, and their solutions, that you should address.

Dirty Air Filter

This really is the most common cause for power loss when one is accelerating. An air filter should be replaced every six months under normal conditions. In climates where the temperature is very extreme, you should replace it sooner. Changing your air filter is as easy as removing the air filter housing and getting a new filter and replacing it.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

Some people may do well with their vehicle for years, and then find that they notice their vehicle is not performing to its best ability. In some cases, this may be due to spark plugs that are wearing out. This is usually a very easy problem to fix. You may want to consider purchasing some high-quality spark plugs to get the best out of your vehicle.

Dirty Spark Plugs

How to Deal with the Issue

This is one of the most common brakes problems that occurs with the car. However, it does have a few possible solutions depending on the type of problem. Here’s a few that you can do to help you deal with this issue:

Dirty Spark Plugs

This is probably something that has not been done in years. Check for the spark plugs and see if they are dirty and have any corrosion on them.

Corruption in Fuel System

This can also be a problem and is probably why you are dealing with this issue. If your fuel system has corruption in it, it can cause the engine to lose power while accelerating. Try getting some cleaner fuel and put it in the tank to clear out the corruption and see if that helps.

Air Filter

One of the main causes of this issue can be an air filter that is not functioning properly. Check that the air filter has not become clogged up with dirt and is not restricting the amount of air going to the engine.

Ensure that the car is cool before removing the air filter. Make sure that the air filter is plugged in securely and replace if there is dirt or other particles. If dirty, wash it with water to get it cleaner.


Most people have no idea how to determine if their car is burning oil, much less how to maintain it. Most people simply ask the car dealership mechanic and hope for the best.

A proper vehicle maintenance plan can help extend the life of a vehicle and even avoid costly repairs down the road. Knowing the signs of a burning car should help you to diagnose potential problems when they first occur.