Herculiner HCL1B8: Dependable Top Brand Roll-On Bedliner

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Herculiner HCL1B8 Review

Here we have a product manufactured by Herculiner, a brand that is well-known in the market. The product is as advertised and there was absolutely nothing that we did not like about the product or the way that it was shipped and packaged, the only real complaint that we had was due to the paint that they use in their spray.

This paint may have a bad odor for most people if they are not used to using this brand, but it is very simple to fix by airing the area in which you are spraying for a few days before you get started, and also the paint may not adhere as well due to the paint drying out, so due to that take your time when applying it.

But overall we believe that the product is definitely worth the money. It is the most sought after roll on bedliner among many people.

The bedliner is a bit expensive, but that is the one reason why we would recommend it. This product is definitely easy to apply, but it will require time and effort. The product comes in a twenty-two-pound roll, so you will need to do some work to get it ready for application, you will also need 2 people to apply the paint in order to do the job just right.


This product is a great choice for those who want to have a dependable top brand roll-on bedliner. It is a very cost effective choice and it relives you the worry of putting the liner on wrong or using an unsafe material. It is easy to apply and it has a clear drying time.

It has a fast dry time and offers unmatched durability. Applications last up to 5-years duration and can ensure that your investment is protected. The material comes in colors such as black and white and has a smooth texture.

It has a very strong shelf life and allows you to save on time. It is very easy to use given the fact that it doesn’t have any flammable or corrosive contents and you do not have to wear gloves while applying it.

The product has received a 4.3 star rating with over 2100 customer reviews on Amazon. It has a clear drying time and can be applied by hand. It lasts long and is resistant to wear and tear. However, the top coating may come off when you apply a roll on liner.

The liner is very cost effective and lasts long. It is easy to apply and dries very fast. It is very smooth and has a satin finish. The material comes in sizes of a 1 gallon liner for passenger vehicles to a 10-gallon liner for light-duty trucks.


Herculiner HCL1B8 is one of the latest additions to the product window of Herculiner. It is a dependable and excellent Rubberized Undercoater you can resort to as an alternative to bed liners in the off-road category.

A wonderful improvement to the product is the heavy-duty, hard-wearing textured surface that is super flexible which entails that the vehicle can withstand serious scratches and scrapes without compromising the substrate.

The Herculiner HCL1B8 Undercoating is formulated with unique and high-quality materials that have improved the product’s durability over time which makes it a top brand in this category.


  • Top-class and best-in-class coating product
  • Best in quality to protect against rust and corrosion
  • Dependable and super flexible
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Non-fibrous and non-polluting
  • Made in the USA

Uses and Applications:

The product is used on the undercoating part of a vehicle


  • It comes out of the can quickly and smoothly when applying to the vehicle
  • The product is super reliable for protecting against corrosion and rust
  • It is very flexible and non-sticky
  • The product is non-fibrous and non-polluting
  • It comes at an affordable price


This is one of the most reliable and affordable truck bedliners that are on the market today! It’s one of the most popular and top rated options for the protection of trucks, trailers, and other large vehicles. Although it’s not as effective for the protection of smaller vehicles and conveyances, you can still rely on it to keep them protected for a long time.

This truck bed lining product aims to provide you with value and quality, and that’s what you get when you have this product. It’s a lot better than your run-of-the-mill spray-on bed liners, to say the least.

The Herculiner is a product specifically formulated for longevity. The manufacturer of the product promises that you can expect to get ten years… yes, TEN YEARS! … of reliable protection for your truck bed and the items that you carry within it. You can store your items in this truck bed without having to worry about the safety of them whatsoever.