How to Fix a Blown Speaker with 8 Specific Steps

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How To Fix A Blown Speaker

Don’t worry about your little cousin or little brother playing music too loud in your room, your speakers are safe. You have trained them to handle the intense bass from hip-hop or those blood-curdling screams from a death metal song.

So you’re definitely not going to have to worry about the sound being too loud in your room because of the speakers, but what if the speaker becomes ineffective?

The speaker may become ineffective in a variety of ways. The speaker may be blown because of a battery malfunction because of your little cousin or little brother, to playing music too loudly … or it may just stop working.

But how do we fix the speaker? Let’s find out how to fix a blown speaker.

Hopefully, you’re not looking at your blown speaker right away. The first thing you need to check is that the audio source is okay. You can connect the audio source to different speakers to check this out and if it’s not, you’ll need to check the connection and the condition of the audio source. If your audio source is okay, you’ll need to get a new speaker.

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How to Tell When Car Speaker is Blown Out

The driver’s side speaker is the most likely to blow out. The high-power amp for the front speaker will damage the full range speaker that is in the door first. So they are the most likely to blow, leaving you with no front sound.

Here are some ways to tell if your speakers are blown:

No Sound At All When Turning Them Up

If there isn’t any sound coming out of your speakers when you turn them up, then they are blown. There are several different reasons for this happening; the amp in your car could have failed, but most likely it is a speaker issue.

No Bass Sound, When Only One Speaker is Blown

If you only have one speaker that has blown, that means you are unable to hear the bass. You may also have to turn up your amp to hear the bass clearly. If the only speaker that is not producing the bass sound is the passenger’s side, then the chances are that it is blown out. But please, also check the other speaker to make sure that it is working smoothly.

Distorted Sound

There are different reasons why the sound distorts. It could be the amp or the speaker. To determine which one is the issue, you need to listen to different sounds.

Checking the Voice Coil


Everyone loves furnishing their home with the latest and best products, whether it is lighting, kitchen appliances, décor or entertainment systems. Speakers play an important role here.

The market is full of numerous speaker brands. You can choose from price ranges. One of the most common issues is that speakers can start breaking or fail to work properly at any time. The speakers may start working very slowly, emit a buzzing noise or even not work at all. This is something that every user faces at least once when buying a speaker.

One of the common problems is that when speakers fail, it is sometimes difficult for people, particularly the ones who are not technically inclined, to fix them. They end up buying a new one instead of trying to repair the old one.

The following are the most commonly seen solutions to common speaker problems. You may want to try them first before getting a new one!