How to Unlock Steering Wheel with 3 Easy Ways

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Common Causes of Steering Wheel Lock

I’m sure you have already encountered this problem: your steering wheel is locked and you don’t know how to unlock it. Why does this happen? Most commonly, it is because your car is in “park” or “reverse”.

From the driver’s perspective, the key unlocks the steering lock or the ignition. Some vehicles have different keys for these two functions; but some have the same key.

Ask any professional locksmith and he or she will tell you that there are many different reasons why the steering wheel lock remains engaged.

You can make it easy on yourself and keep a spare key or some lock picking tools in your vehicle for such a situation.

If you don’t have a spare, the first and most obvious thing to do is to move your car into gear to see if this unlocks it.

In some cases, the lock may be unlocked while the car is still in park or reverse. You can then try to turn the wheels before moving your car.

Try putting your hand between the brake pedal and the dead pedal and move them back and forth. If the steering wheel unlocks, then you can drive the car in what ever gear you want.

How to Unlock the Steering Wheel

When it comes to the locking systems of car, most of the people usually have this question: how to unlock the steering wheel.

Here are three tested and step-by-step ways to unlock the steering wheel in your cars.

Tips for Preventing Steering Wheel Locks

There are two ways that you can lose the key or the remote for your car. You can accidentally leave it inside your vehicle or have it stolen.

Either way, the result is that you are left unable to use your vehicle. That is where steering wheel locks play a critical role. They allow you to gain immediate access to your car no matter what happens.

The first thing you need to remember about these devices is that they are not a security system. They will not prevent a thief from stealing your car, but they will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you can gain access at any time.

Leaving the steering wheel lock on for too long is not a good idea because it could contribute to a number of problems. You can start experiencing a problem with the ignition system, the fuse box, or the steering wheel itself. The locks have sensors in them that can tell when you need to start the vehicle. If you need to make several attempts, you may find yourself having to replace the steering wheel and the ignition circuit board.


Your car is a beautiful object, and you were likely proud to purchase it and drive it off the lot. However, many vehicles don’t come with new-car features anymore, and fixing an issue can be a headache.

Fortunately, there are a few simple precautions you can take to avoid having to pay expensive fees for unlocking the steering wheel. Being careful is your best defense against this problem. Stay cautious, take the necessary steps to protect your investment, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress.