Motor Oil Showdown: Conventional vs Synthetic Blend vs Full Synthetic

Key Takeaways Selecting the right motor oil is critical to engine health and longevity. With various options available, ranging from conventional to full synthetic formulations, choosing the optimal oil for your vehicle can get confusing. Understanding the key differences between conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oils will help you make an informed decision. With … Read more

Spark Plug Types: Copper vs Iridium vs Platinum vs Double Platinum

Key Takeaways A spark plug is a vital component of any gasoline-powered internal combustion engine. This small part generates the all-important spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Spark plugs have to endure extremely high temperatures and pressures while providing consistent, reliable performance. Over the years, advances in materials science and ignition … Read more

P0113 Code: Causes & Fixes for the Intake Air Temp Sensor Circuit

Key Takeaways: The P0113 diagnostic trouble code (DTC) can strike fear and frustration in the hearts of many drivers. However, while this error code is certainly inconvenient, understanding its causes and solutions makes it far less intimidating. What Does the P0113 Code Mean? P0113 signifies an issue with your vehicle’s intake air temperature (IAT) sensor … Read more