JBL GT-BassPro12: Solid 12-Inch Car Subwoofer

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JBL GT-BassPro12 Review

There is an enormous amount of passion that goes into every JBLCar Audio system. The JBL GT-BassPro12 subwoofer is no exception. It’s built for the serious competitor, designed to provide smooth, accurate bass and sound quality.

Sporting a 12-inch, technologically advanced subwoofer, the BassPro12 is made with modern bass lovers in mind. Unlike previous models, the BassPro12 has the exciting new capability of being powered by an external amp. This makes it even more versatile for taking on whatever the road throws at you.

There are multiple mounting options, too, so you can adjust the performance to your needs. The BassPro12 is also equipped with Climb, a proprietary JBL bass term that varies the amplifier output based on how loud you want the sound to be, so every installation can be perfect.

And of course, as you’d expect from JBL, you know that you’re also getting a power for your money. With the BassPro12, JBL has delivered a stone-cold, no-frills, no-compromises bass system right into your car’s trunk.


If you are looking for a value for your money subwoofer, then the JBL GT-BassPro12 is the one for you. It outperforms many others with its deep bass, but is also affordable. Trust JBL, a company with a proven track record of manufacturing top-notch car speakers. You also have the additional value of a warranty, which is a console in itself.


With a single 12-inch woofer, the JBL GT-BassPro12 is one of the most popular car subwoofers. On the surface, this may not seem like much. But the power behind this woofer is deceptive. It doesn’t have a very big size, but it performs at a high-end level. It is a great option for both stock or upgraded setups, and it comes with a 600 watt RMS system that will handle high-end bass speakers.

This subwoofer is unique compared to other models because it has a large oval subwoofer and a specially treated paper cone that allows it to play both the mid and the low frequencies without any distortion.

Since car subwoofers are meant to be heard over a loud engine and road noise, the JBL GT-BassPro12 has rubber-made bumpers on the outer edge of the woofer so you don’t have to worry about any damage to the subwoofer while it’s getting around in your car. It also comes with a 1-inch high-temperature voice coil that can make a great difference when it comes to power handling.

Key Features


Resting on top of the receiver isn’t just to give it a cool name, but the JBL GT-BassPro12 Subwoofer is a serious competitor. JBL is known for producing high-quality sound equipment and this subwoofer is no exception.

It’s a 12-inch subwoofer designed to deliver the earth-shaking bass sound that audiophiles love.

It has 1200 watts of peak power, and 400 watts RMS, delivering the high-quality bass sound a listener would expect from a JBL product. It features custom high-quality 4-ohm coils that JBL has perfected over the years, along with an edge-driven, low-distortion, woven fiber cone which provides a smoother sound.

This subwoofer has a built-in crossover switch which allows you to choose how much high- and low-end sound you prefer. It has a frequency response range of 37Hz-200Hz.

The front-firing woofer delivers unmatched sound and is heatsink-cooled to give it extra efficiency along with the Digital Signal Processing to give you bass that you can feel as well as hear. The sound from this bass will blow you away, all you need is the JBL GT-5B4 12-Inch to smooth it out for you.