Lisle 97102: Low-Profile Mechanics Creeper

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Lisle 97102 Review

Keeping your vehicle maintained can be incredibly difficult. The size of engines and their components alone are cumbersome. Getting under your car to work on them can sometimes be almost impossible without large lifts and heavy equipment.

Lisle has created a large number of products that are designed to make working on your vehicle easier, and the Lisle 97102 Universal Low-Profile Mechanics Creeper is one of them.

The Mechanic�s Creeper is a full-length floor pan that allows you to work on your vehicle without having to kneel on the ground, thus keeping your body stable. The Mechanic�s Creeper is designed to be strong, and it also has a low profile so that you can fit where other tools can’t.

The Lisle 97102 Universal Low-Profile Mechanics Creeper

The Universal Mechanics Creeper is designed to support you from your shoulders all the way down to your ankles. The contour of the dolly allows you to keep your body at a comfortable angle for long stretches of time.


The Lisle 97102 is the best choice for a mechanic to have. However, if you do not work in a shop or if you work a lot on your vehicle at home, it would not advisable to spend the money. It would be very difficult to get the same benefit out of a cheaper option.

You would be better off getting a cheaper, non-low-profile pro model creeper that is not as comfortable as the 97102, but has the same benefits for the average car owner.

If the money is not an issue, then the Lisle 97102 is easily the best choice on the market … if you are a mechanic or a regular vehicle owner that works on their own car.


Weight: 15 lbs.

Dimensions: Slightly longer than 2 feet, 14 inches (including wheels)

Color: Blue

Max load capacity: 500 lbs.

Handle height: 8‛

Tough polyurethane wheels: 3.5” Diameter


The Lisle C-9710 Mechanical Creeper features easy maneuvering and the majority of pressure points are positioned close to the body for maximum comfort.

You will not miss pins and fasteners with radio buttons, and your hands are shielded by a wrap around steering wheel.

You can easily see the work area, as the headlamp shines brightly with the Carriage Light, a built-in LED light that stays on the entire time you are using the tool.

And if you need to switch positions, you can swivel the seat pan up to save your back from injury.

You can easily and quickly maneuver the carriage and wheel over all work surfaces with a dual tire system.

Made of heavy duty steel for extra durability and backed with a lifetime warranty, the Lisle 97102 is highly durable and long lasting.

The Lisle 97102: Low Profile Mechanics Creeper is built with a wide range of features designed to accommodate your comfort and keep that comfort throughout the entirety of your project.