Polk Audio PSW10: High-Performance Powered Subwoofer

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Polk Audio PSW10 Review

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a powered subwoofer system that can be used with any home theater system as part of an overall audio experience. The 53-inch black wood grain cabinet is designed to blend seamlessly with most home theater systems.

The cabinet has a downward firing 10-inch long throw woofer with rotatable enclosure that allows it to be placed in a corner. This minimizes the effects of bass cancellation and helps to improve the overall bass response.

The compact slim profile satellite speakers provide excellent visual appeal and also add punch to the accurate and tight audio image of the subwoofer which includes a 200-watt amplifier. The system includes a three-way crossover that helps to reduce any fluctuation in balance between the bass and treble for excellent performance.

If you’re looking for satellite speakers for your home theater system at an affordable price that can help to produce a full, clean and dynamic sound, you’ll definitely want to check out the Polk Audio PSW10. It’s an excellent addition to your home theater system and has received excellent consumer reviews on a number of websites.



The Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer is the first subwoofer model in the PSW series. It is intended to handle accurate low frequencies at a maximum power handling of 500 watts. It is designed for medium-sized rooms, like those in your living room.

This is a powered subwoofer. It has an inbuilt amplifier that produces about 300 watts of pure power.

The full-range driver has an 8” sound cone that helps with the high frequency reproduction of the audio. Frequency response range is 80 hertz and 200 hertz. It is fitted with a 10-inch long throw driver.

The wired remote has a range of over 200 feet and a power switch for the subwoofer itself.

The ports of the cabinet are flared to make room for the back of the speaker to be built into the cabinet.

Key Features

The Polk Audio PSW10 is an ideal solution for adding a deep bass response to any home-theater system. It provides clear, powerful bass without the bulk of a conventional subwoofer. It’s a great match for the Polk Audio Monitor Series home-theater systems or a surround-sound system.

Designed for real-world performance, the PSW10 yields balanced, room-filling deep bass that won’t overwhelm your room. It fits seamlessly into your home theater, living space or elsewhere in your room. Adjustable deep bass tones let you dial in the bass sound to match your speaker set-up and room layout.

High-definition magnetic shielding, sturdy construction and a small footprint make the PSW10 a perfect addition to any compact home entertainment system. The stylish enclosure and contemporary styling fit right in with your other entertainment components.

Polk adapters give you the flexibility to mount the subwoofer high or low. It includes different mounting options, a wire cover and rubber feet to make sure it stays in place without marring your furniture.

The Polk Audio PSW10 is ideal for watching movies and expands your sound system for booming bass. It’s a great choice for compact systems with limited room to spread out.


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