Pro-Lift C-9100: Versatile Mechanics Creeper

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Pro-Lift C-9100 Review

The C-9100 is an automotive lift designed for working underneath vehicles. It provides access to a full range of service needs, from minor inspection and oil changes to complete overhauls. Unlike many basic work stands and jacks, this unit is designed to withstand the high stress of day-to-day auto repair. When you add the 100 pound weight capacity, you can see why this is an invaluable tool for your shop.

The Pro-Lift C-9100 is designed to make it easy to safely access the entire underside of most cars. It can be used on four wheel and front wheel drive vehicles. For some vehicles, if the car’s height clearance is more than 20, the C-9100 may not provide enough clearance. For ease of use, the C-9100 includes color coded dual controls, which are designed to make it easy to enter data while you are lifting the vehicle.

The actual lifting of the car is completely hydraulically operated, which means no more complicated cables that you need to wrap around the jacking points. Thanks to the integrated valve block, you just have to adjust one valve, and all the others will adjust automatically. This makes it a safe system, where it’s hard to go wrong.


_ Pro-Lift C-9100:

A good threading and tightening tool, this Pro-Lift relies on a sleek design that is useful in areas where space is at a premium.

Pro-Lift C-9100: Pro-Lift Mechanics Creeper

If you work on cars, next to a standard toolbox you will need a good place to store tools. There are two kinds of toolboxes that a mechanic can have, the stackable tool boxes and the roll-away toolboxes.

To store these tools, there are two kinds of places that can be used to store them.

The common places for a mechanic to organize their tools are a bench and a wall. When you use a bench to keep your tools, then your tools will be harder to reach.

So, it can be difficult to get your tools without making a mess. Plus if you decide to move your chest around it is hard to move your tools to your next work site.

An easy solution to this problem is to make a tool mobile. There are many different ways to do this, but one way is to buy a toolbox that is on wheels. These toolboxes can be a real help.


The Pro-Lift C-9100 is a premium quality mechanics tool that is built to last. Most of its features are geared toward convenience and comfort. It’s not built for heavy-duty work, but it’s a great tool to keep on hand when you need something specific for a certain job. Its weight capacity is 900 pounds, and it runs on a pneumatic system that delivers a smooth, consistent push. Since it’s powered by a 12V battery, it is portable.

So if you need a tool to get just one thing done, or if your mechanic’s creeper just needs an extra boost every now and then, this is a great investment. It’s also perfect for those that are just starting out as mechanics or working on their own cars and trucks.


Pro-Lift’s creeper is designed to provide full body support on every surface. A self-leveling hydraulic gas shock system maintains the creeper’s position, even on uneven terrain.

The Pro-Lift Mechanics Creeper 9100 is a compact, sturdy, high performance creeper that’s designed to provide full body support on every surface. A self-leveling hydraulic gas shock system maintains the creeper’s position, even on uneven terrain. The gas shocks roll over vertically, and lift a full 360 degrees. They are also able to elevate the front and rear of the creeper, enabling the operator to navigate steps, ramps, or lifts. They also have an adjustable positioning capability for easy access to machines, systems, and equipment in any setting. This versatile creeper also features an electric brake system for quick and simple parking. Made in the USA, the Pro-Lift Mechanics Creeper 9100 features a durable, all steel frame and adjustable seat.