8 Reasons Your Car Shaking While Driving and 4 Solutions

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Causes of Car Shaking When Driving

Before you can settle on the appropriate solution to your car shaking while driving, you need to understand why it happens.

Here are a few possible reasons why your car starts shaking and two suggestions on how to fix it.

Engine Imbalance

If you notice that your front tires are wearing out prematurely, you could have an issue with the suspension and alignments. It’s best to ask for help from a mechanic before you continue driving.


If your car is made in a recent year, then there’s a high chance that the tires are wearing out. Low-quality tires can lead to imbalanced tires and vibrations while driving. To fix this, you need to purchase high-quality tires.


A gearbox issue may be responsible for the vibrations you feel The problem usually occurs when the transmission fluid isn’t clean and fresh. It can become too hot, cause excessive friction, and eventually wear out the gearbox. You can fix this problem by taking your car to a mechanic.


If the clutch gets too hot, it can be a cause of car shaking while driving. You can fix this by following the car manufacturer’s instructions for fluid replacement.


When your car’s transmission gets too hot, it can cause bushings to deteriorate.

Solutions for Car Shaking When Driving


In conclusion, there are several potential causes for your car shaking. Most of these are easy to solve, provided you know how to differentiate the symptoms of each problem. You can even handle most of these on your own.

Safety should be your first concern, but you can save some money by taking care of some problems yourself.

The most important thing is to get to the root of the problem. Check the points we’ve covered here, and it should become obvious what needs fixing. Then take care of it as soon as possible.

Generally, the problems can be divided into 4 different types.

Most of them involve worn-out brakes. Very likely, you will know that your front brake pads are worn out when it’s time for your next inspection. You can check the back pads and discs much less frequently, but it’s still vital to do so. This problem is dangerous because the brakes will wear out, making them less efficient, and you will continue to drive with them this way. That’s extremely dangerous and could lead to a very unfortunate accident.

When the condition of your suspension begins to deteriorate, both the tires and the car body will be affected. This problem is particularly dangerous because the suspension keeps the tires touching the ground. Anything that affects it, such as worn or cracked parts, will make the car unstable.