5 Symptoms of Idle Air Control Valve and Solutions

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Symptoms of a Bad Idle Air Control Valve

Is the idle uneven?

When the idle is inconsistent it will affect the engine. When the idle fluctuates it means you have a problem going on with the idle air control valve. Your engine will either miss on a cold start or it will not idle at all.

Does it sound like the engine is surging?

If the idle air control valve is bad, you will experience a shaking engine at idle. You will also notice an uneven idle. This can be really bad if you are driving. It will make you feel like you are going to lose control of your vehicle.

Does the engine overheat?

If the idle air control valve is bad, your engine will overheat. The idle air control valve gives the engine the air it needs to keep cool. If the idle air control valve is outdated, your engine will not get enough air.

Does it always stall when you slow down at high speeds?

A bad idle air control valve will stall your vehicle when you let off the gas pedal. The idle air control valve is responsible for regulating the speed at which your engine idles. If the idle air control valve is not working, it will seize up. This is why it will stall your vehicle when you let off the gas pedal at a high speed.

What are the symptoms of a bad idle air control valve?

How to Address the Issue

When your AC compressor doesn’t function, it can become pretty uncomfortable once the temperature outside rises. And there are few things worse than that. The good thing is that the issue can be solved in no time and with minimal effort. Of course, you may want to seek professional help if the problem persists or if you are not good with fixing or repairing things, but here are a few measures that you can take to counter the problem.

First, ensure that the AC unit is switched on (if it is a central AC system). Check the thermostat if you have one. Also, ensure that your filter is clean. If you see a number of dead insects in it, you will need to replace it. Also, check your environment settings and turn the AC system if it is not placed in the correct mode. For example, if you set it on cool back in the middle of summer, the cooling operation may not yet be ready, so the AC may not operate. Switch the system to cool/heat mode to make sure that it is working.


The Idler air control valve also called an O rings is a very important part to your air conditioners. It is a small circle and located on the inside of your window unit.

The purpose of the air conditioner is to remove extra moisture from the air from the air conditioner. This moisture is colder than the temperature in most of the houses, so re-circulation in your home would be a breeze.

However, the system lubricates the operation and functions of the unit. It also works to prevent excess blowing and maintain the temperature and moisture in your home.

You need to maintain your Idler air control valve filter in order for it to work properly. If it is getting clogged or your wire gets broken or lost, you need to replace the Idler air control valve.

You need to have your Idler air control valve checked out occasionally in order to make sure that it is working properly.

I suggest getting your Idler air control valve checked at least twice a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly and to also catch any problems as soon as they arise.

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