Triumph NSS-8: Time-Tested Car Lift Design

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Triumph NSS-8 Review

Heavy Duty Workhorse

The Triumph NSS-8 hydraulic lift is not really a new model, but it does have a strikingly innovative, industrial design, and it is still very popular among mechanics who primarily provide repair services to non-OEM customers.

It’s simple, rugged, reliable, and offers a high degree of versatility. Among others, the following features have contributed to the machine’s success over the years:

It’s a convertible lift. This means it offers a full range of height adjustments in one machine. You can raise or lower it from street-level to a maximum height of 24 inches (60 cm), so you can work on most import cars and trucks. The lift can also be adjusted to give you a maximum lift height of up to 28 inches (70 cm).

The versatility of the Triumph lift is comparable to that of hydraulic lifts that may require you to use different model lifts for different fixes regardless of their basic design.

The legs are entirely retractable. When you want to work on the undersides of cars or trucks, you don’t have to unfold the outrigger arms anymore. Instead, you can lower the legs using the foot control. The bars are made from solid steel and are built to survive the test of time.


There are a few things that distinguish the NSS-8 from other car lifts in its price range.

For one, the product name is a bit deceiving. This is actually a three-post lift, making it ideal for manual cars. If you’re a shade tree mechanic or a Pro, you’ll like that the lift is strong enough to lift up a car on each post, a feature that lets you turn convention on its head. Some body shops end up spending thousands of dollars for equipment that isn’t nearly as versatile.

One of the more unusual features is the zero radius design, meaning that there is no downward arc on the arm when you elevate your vehicle. That’s unlike most lifts that sag when you lift up the car. It also means that you can set the lift up in more confined spaces, a must if you’re tight on garage space.


Triumph Automobile Lifts has been selling their vehicles lifts for over 100 years and is a leading supplier of high-quality lifts for the automotive industry.

Forms the Foundation of Your Lift System

The most important thing about your lift is the slab (foundation or floor) on which it is mounted.

It is imperative that your level never moves in any direction. Before we get into the design of the NSS-8, be sure to read the slab recommendations. We encourage you to use the recommended slab, but you can also use a polyvinyl mat (we recommend 1 inch thick) or any cement, reinforced or reinforced concrete.

Classic Economy Model

You can never go wrong with the economy model. It’s worth every penny. You want a lift with a low price but not at the expense of quality.

The NS-8 has all the features and components that are standard features on NSS-505; and you get them at a lower price.

All You Need Is the Car Lift and a Floor

On a budget, the most important thing is what you don’t have to spend. You will not need any concrete or a slab. All you need is the lift and a floor.

Make sure the floor is sturdy and that it can handle the weight of the entire lift and your car.